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Thinking about IT or web requirements for your business? We do IT. From simple hardware maintenance & support to backup solutions, disaster recovery, network administration, web design & development to a fully managed IT solution, we do IT.

YBOS(Yward's Business Office Sidekick), our in-house web application is an excellent office support system that can manage and integrate client data, workflow processes, calendars, knowledge bases, data shares and more. Email the Product Manager to explore a customized implementation of YBOS for your business.

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  • Proxmox - Containers & Virtual Machines

IT @ the business place is a dominating factor for a successful business in todays digital world. Apart from taking care of computers, servers, switches & networks, we have the administration skillsets for disaster recovery, backup solutions, cloud storage, firewalls, etc. Let us take care of your IT requirements while you continue to focus on your business.

Websites & Web Applications relate to the Internet in a similar fashion as electrical appliances and electricity. Just the same as software programs, web applications are geared specifically towards transacting and communicating over the Internet. Take a look at our very own YBOS, a very good example of what a web application can do.

Software development is another vested asset for many businesses. These business models require a customized implementation of a software solution and towards this end, trained and knowledgeable programmers develop specific software to meet those needs. We do this as well.

Client Management is an onerous task for an office environment. Taking care of client data and being able to consolidate information relevant to each client requires a high level of organizational skills and co-ordination. Tracking and maintaining a record of client activities with dates, liaisons, processes, fees, communications, billable hours, files, etc. is what YBOS can do.

Calendars & Events of clients and users are maintained and integrated by YBOS. Accurate activity documentation and reporting options provide a birds-eye view of a clients' or office staffs' process history at the click of a button. Very useful when cross-referencing task activities and providing reports to justify work hours and billing schedules.

Knowledge Bases are repositories of business information that office staff can reference at any time. These YBOS repositories can be organized and re-organized into a meaningful tree-structured sections and sub-sections, with each holding valuable relevant information. Think libraries. Except that this searchable library holds specific business information, activities and processes that staff can lookup whenever required.